Our Services

Our Services

The GP Access Clinics provide Extended Hours support for Darlington Practices and patients can access this service via their GP Practice.

GP Access provides GP, Nurse and Health Care Assistant appointments.

The Nurse and Health Care Assistant will cover blood tests, injections, smears, NHS Health Checks and Chronic Disease Annual Reviews amongst other things. GP appointments will deal with acute or ongoing problems.

This service offers evening and weekend clinics 365 days of the year. Evening and weekend appointments are necessary for patients who work through the day and can’t be accommodated at a time to suit them by their GP Practice.


Forsyth House, 20 Woodlands Road, Darlington, DL3 7PL


During normal surgery opening hours contact your own GP surgery who can book or cancel an evening or weekend appointment for you.

Clinic Times

(including Bank Hols)

Monday 6.30pm – 9.00pm
Tuesday 6.30pm – 9.00pm
Wednesday 6.30pm – 9.00pm
Thursday 6.30pm – 9.00pm
Friday 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Saturday 8.00am – 1.30pm
Sunday 9.00am – 1.00pm

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The Sexual Health service in Darlington is operated by Primary Healthcare Darlington (PHD). We provide 4 clinics per week—appointments can be booked by ringing : 01325 952278 and selecting option 2.

We operate a specialist service for the insertion and removal of implants and coils.

We manage the emergency contraception service which is provided by a range of pharmacies in Darlington and at any of our clinics. Please go to the Sexual Health web-site for a full list of pharmacies participating in this scheme.

We also manage the C-Card scheme which provides free condoms for young people aged 13 to 24 years of age. 

Details of organisations and pharmacies who register patients for this scheme and provide supplies of condoms are also on this website – www.cddft.nhs.uk/sexual-health-services


Forsyth House, 20 Woodland Road, Darlington,DL3 7PL


Appointments can be booked by ringing the Sexual Health booking line : 01325 743203

Clinic Times

Monday 9am – 1.00pm

Wednesday 4.30pm – 8.00pm

Thursday 4.30pm – 8.00pm

Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm

Coil Form

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People living in care homes should expect the same level of health care support and treatment as if they were living in their own home.” 

There is now a national policy to support residents of care homes, with primary care services being the first point of contact in the healthcare system. 

The Darlington Care Home Team are employed by the GP Federation- Primary Healthcare Darlington (PHD) to provide care home support services on behalf of Darlington Primary Care Network (PCN) which encompasses all 11 GP practices in the area. 

The Care Home Team consists of a Clinical Lead, GP’s, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Care Coordinators. We work closely with the Community Specialist Practitioner (community matron) from County Durham and Darlington Foundation and the GP Practices to ensure residents receive high quality, collaborative care and to provide a support network for those caring for them. 

This proactive coordinated care is centred on the resident to ensure: 

  • There are better outcomes for people through better management of long-term health conditions
  • A reduction in unplanned hospital admissions
  • A reduction in hospital being a place of death

We achieve this by supporting care homes with:

  • A weekly ward round
  • A monthly Multidisciplinary Team Meeting (MDT)
  • Medicines management support
  • Care planning support
  • Personalised goal planning
  • Structured medication reviews

Follow this link for more information on the Enhanced Health in Care Home Framework.

Our Values: 

Working together to improve the lives of those living in Darlington care homes.

  • Safe, quality, effective support in medicines management using best practice that is evidenced based and innovative. 
  • Respect for all- being honest and transparent, showing compassion ad understanding of resident needs, priorities, abilities and limits.
  • Looking after our own health and wellbeing
  • Being responsive, consistent and professional.

Care Home Contacts

Pharmacy Technician Team
First point of contact for all medicines related queries for care home staff.
Email: [email protected]
Office Number: 01325 952279

Care Coordinator Team
First point of contact for help or queries with resident care needs.
Email: [email protected]

Our Team

Alison Harle
Care Home Clinical Lead / Pharmacy Technician

Hi, I’m Alison, pharmacy technician and clinical lead for the care home team. I qualified as a technician 23 years ago and have worked in hospital, community and primary care. I have worked as a care home technician for 5 years and love the role. I am passionate about ensuring care home residents get the best person-centred care and supporting care staff with medicines management. I have two children, a husband and three black and white cats. I love reading, baking and gardening.

Dr. Ellen Bruggink
Care Home GP

Hello, I’m Ellen one of the Care Home GP’s. I was born and bred in The Netherlands, went to medical school in Amsterdam, qualified in 1988 and moved to the UK in 1989. I completed my GP training on the Cleveland GP scheme and worked as a GP partner for over 25 years in Darlington until 2020. I joined the EHiCH team in January 2021 looking after 8 care homes. I play tennis badly, go running and walking and like to cook.

Dr. Jodie Harrison
Care Home GP

I graduated from University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 2006 and became a GP in 2014 after taking some time out to have my two sons who are now 10 and 8. I have worked as a salaried GP and a GP partner and now do locum sessions alongside the care homes work. In my spare time I try and get to the gym at least twice a week and catch up with friends and family, as well as a substantial amount of time watching kids football! 

Dr. Kirsty Walker
Care Home GP

I have been a doctor in Darlington for over 20 years working mainly as a GP, initially at Denmark Street Surgery and now at Neasham Road Surgery. I have also been on the Enhanced Care in Care homes team since its inception and look after 3 of the care homes in the town – The Grange, Ventress Hall and Willow Green. I also sit on the Primary Care Network Board and have been one of the clinical leads for the covid vaccination programme and rollout of flu and covid boosters. I live locally and enjoy spending time with my family and dog.

Catherine Graham
Care Home Pharmacy Technician

I’m Catherine and I’m the Pharmacy Technician for the Care homes team at PHD. I’ve been working in community pharmacy for the past 7 years but I’m passionate about the ethos PHD has to making a difference to the residents in the care homes, so was delighted to be able to join this fantastic team. 

I have 2 grown-up children with my husband David who is in the British Army. We enjoy travelling and exploring European cities, but my favourite pastime is spending time with my little springer spaniel Oscar.

Andrea King
Pharmacy Technician

Hi, I’m Andrea, Pharmacy Technician with the Care Home Team.

I qualified as a Pharmacy Technician in 1992 while working in Secondary Care. I moved to Primary Care in 2015 as a Dispensary Manager at a GP Practice. I started with the Darlington Care home Team in April 2022. I am passionate about making a difference to resident’s health and care and being able to support care staff with managing medicines safely.

I enjoy being with my husband, 2 children and 2 dogs in my spare time. I like watching rugby, reading and socialising with friends. 

Rebecca Ball
Care Home Coordinator

Hi I’m Becky, Care coordinator for the Care Home Team in Darlington. I have worked in the health and social care sector since 2018 in a variety of roles within a care home setting. I am passionate about supporting care home residents to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my partner and little boy, Arlo. I enjoy planning family get together event and celebrating anything possible!

Antony Gatley
Care Home Care Coordinator

Hi I’m Antony and I am a Care Coordinator for the EHiCH Team in Darlington. I have worked in the health and social care sector since 2012. I started as an apprentice care assistant and developed a career within the care industry into management roles. I have a passion for ensuring residents are living well. This role allows me to support the care homes and ensure residents are always receiving person centred care and support. Outside of work I am very family orientated and love spending time with all my family.

Helen Marsh
Care Home Care Coordinator

Hi, my name is Helen, and I am a care coordinator for the Care Home Team.  I started the role in March 2022 and I’m excited to be part of the team as we develop and support the residents and their families in the care homes across the town. I have worked in Health Care for more than 17 years in a variety of roles and elderly care has also been my passion.  This role allows me to support residents and to ensure they have the same opportunities for health and social care as if they were still living in their own home. I love to spend time with my family and friends, and I enjoy party planning and relaxing on the sofa with my 2 black and white cats.  

Care Home Updates

February 2023

Random Acts of Kindness Week at Primary Healthcare Darlington

This week, Primary Healthcare Darlington is celebrating random acts of kindness ahead of the national day on Friday (17th February).

We gave all the staff some treats and encouraged them to do their own act of random kindness.

January 2023

EHICH Team Meets Darlington Mayor

meeting the mayor

The EHiCH team meeting the Mayor at The Lawns Care Home Blue Light Card event. Bacon sandwiches enjoyed all round.

Paper Chain Decorating at Willow Green

Willow Green residents decorated the care home with paper chains. Becky had great fun with the residents.

Bingo at Willow Green Care Home

It was eyes down, as Care Coordinator Becky hosted bingo games at Willow Green Care Home, and it was a great afternoon with some lovely prizes.

December 2022

Christmas Fun at Springfield Care Home

Helen, Care Coordinator with the EHiCH Team in Darlington having some Christmas fun with Patricia at Springfield Care.

November 2022

Thelma celebrates 100th birthday at The Gardens Care Home

Becky, Care Home Care Coordinator helped The Gardens Care Home celebrate the lovely Thelma’s 100th birthday by sourcing and collecting some free balloons from Ken’s Bargains, Middlesbrough. Thanks to Ken for helping make a special day for Thelma.

August 2022

Afternoon Tea at Springfield Care Home

Staff and residents at Springfield Care Home were joined by Care Coordinator, Helen, and PHD Operations Manager, Sandra, for a bit of cake and a natter

June 2022

Cockerton Knit and Natter donated blankets to the Care Home Team

Audrey in her new blanket

Cockerton Knit and Natter have been busy! They have very kindly donated some blankets for the Care Home Team to distribute to our homes to keep the residents warm and toasty

Audrey, at Springfield Care Home has been snuggling up in her new bright and colourful blanket. Thank you Cockerton Knit and Natter

Cameron the Cockrell visits Springfield Care Home

Cameron the Cockrell paid a visit to Ruth and Ron at Springfield Care Home. Ruth used to keep hens and really appreciated her visit from Cameron who was a very well behaved cockrell

Helen, Care Home Care Coordinator with the Darlington Care Home Team organised the visit as part of Ruth’s personal goals which were identified in creating her Personal Care and Support Plan

May 2022

Care Coordinator Mike went swimming with Don from Moorlands Care Home

Care Coordinator Mike went swimming with Don from Moorlands Care Home

Care Home Manager Greg joined them in the water

Mike spent a lot of time researching swimming shorts and aids on behalf of the care home that would meet Don’s needs and enable him to go safely in the water

Huge thanks to the Dolphin Centre in Darlington for talking Mike through the facilities and equipment at the pool which he used for assisting the home to put risk assessments in place

As you can see, 95 year old Don loved his swimming session and the care home are looking to book another session soon!

The Lawns residents enjoy music with Mike

The residents at The Lawns enjoyed some music with Mike, Care Home Care Coordinator from the Darlington Care Home Team

Easter Bonnet Competition

Care Home Care Coordinator Helen had a lovely morning at Springfield Care Home for their Easter celebrations. She presented Gloria with her prize for the Easter Bonnet Competition.

Primary Healthcare Care Home Team runners-up in awards

The Care Home Team at Primary Healthcare were runners up in the Northern Echo Health and Care Awards 2022 in the category of Health Team of the Year. Congratulations to the team for making the final 3

health award paper

Mike helps Gloria knit a jumper

mike knitting

Care Home Care Coordinator Mike has been helping Gloria at North Park Care home knit a jumper. Not sure how much help he was!

mike knitting

February 2022

‘Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation’ campaign launches

‘Do not attempt resuscitation’ decisions (DNACPR)

The DNACPR (Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) campaign has been launched today (Thursday 24th February 2022).

Inclusion North have been working with Learning Disability England, Difference North East and British Institute of Human Rights to ask the Ministerial Oversight Group on Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation to involve people with lived experience in their work.

The Ministerial Oversight Group was set up after the Care Quality Commission wrote a report called ‘Protect, Respect, Connect – decisions about living and dying well during COVID-19’.

This report showed that during COVID, decisions about Do Not Resuscitate were made that were not in line with people’s wishes or human rights. Some people were affected more than others by this.

People with a learning disability, older people and people with dementia were particularly affected. Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people were less likely to know that a Do Not Resuscitate decision had existed for them.

Over 80 organisations have signed the letter Inclusion North made for the Ministerial Oversight Group, to show them this is an issue that lots of us have concerns about, and to encourage the group to listen and act.

Next Steps – DNACPR Campaign

The DNACPR Campaign starts today (Thursday 24th February) for two weeks.

As part of the campaign, people are being encouraged to sign the letter to the Ministerial Oversight Group to show your support on this link.

‘Primary Care Aspects of Heart Failure’ podcast

3D illustration of Heart, medical concept.

The ‘Primary Care Aspects of Heart Failure’ podcast is now live.

In this podcast, Dr Toni Hazell discusses the diagnosis and management of heart failure with Ahmet Fuat, honorary professor of primary care cardiology at Durham University, and Sarah Worsnop who shares her experiences of being diagnosed with heart failure at an early age.

They cover the importance of the use of NT-proBNP test in patients with symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath, and of keeping an open mind if a patient presents at a younger age than would usually be associated with heart failure.

The podcast goes on to cover the basics of heart failure management and the issues that are important to patients, including different consultation styles and open access to heart failure nurses when needed.

The ‘Primary Care Aspects of Heart Failure’ podcast is available to listen to on the RCGP eLearning website, or through AudioBoom

This podcast was funded by Roche Diagnostics Limited. Final editorial and content decisions were made by the RCGP. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the podcast participants and do not necessarily represent the views of Roche Diagnostics Limited.

NHS Launches Lifesaving Campaign To Tackle Heart Attack Myths

Heart Attack

The NHS is today launching a new lifesaving campaign to encourage people to dial 999 when they are having early signs of a heart attack.

Backed by celebrities including One Foot in the Grave actor Richard Wilson and Sky Sports presenter ‘Tubes’ – the campaign will tackle a number of common heart attack myths, after research identified that three in four people thought a heart attack was the same as a cardiac arrest.

The new polling also showed that fewer than half of people said they would dial 999 if they or a loved one experienced lesser known symptoms of heart attacks.

From Monday, a new NHS advert will show a person experiencing some of the common early symptoms of a heart attack – sweating, uneasiness and chest tightness – and reminds viewers to dial 999 if they experience the symptoms of a heart attack.

The campaign, which will run from 14 February to 31 March 2022, is the first of the NHS ‘Help Us Help You’ campaigns specific to heart attacks.

Speaking of the launch, England’s top doctor said thousands of deaths could be prevented with earlier treatment if people recognise these vital signs.

NHS medical director, Professor Stephen Powis, said: “Sadly, cardiovascular disease causes a quarter of all deaths across the country and we have identified this as the single biggest area where we can save lives over the next decade.

“This new NHS campaign will be a vital tool in that lifesaving mission – helping people to recognise when they or someone around them is experiencing a heart attack and when to seek early medical help cannot be underestimated.

“It can be easy to dismiss early symptoms as they don’t always feel severe, but it is never too early to dial 999 in this circumstance – and the faster you act, the better the chance of a full recovery.”

There are more than 80,000 hospital heart attack admissions in England every year. The overall survival rate for people experiencing a heart attack is seven in 10 and this increases to nine in 10 for those who come forward for early hospital treatment.

New NHS research also shows that whilst 70% of those surveyed understood that pain in the chest is a symptom of a heart attack, just 41% knew sweating was a symptom and only 27% understood feeling weak, lightheaded or a feeling of general unease were also symptoms.

Richard Wilson, actor and director, said: “I’ve battled with my heart health for a while, and since experiencing a heart attack I’ve really opened my eyes to the impact it’s had on my life.

“I got more tired, I’m able to walk around less and my memory has suffered as well. The scariest part is that at the time I did not know enough about heart attacks or heart health.

“I’d advise everyone, especially those aged 50+ to look up the symptoms of a heart attack and if you suspect you have any of these to call 999 immediately.”

Peter Dale (Tubes), presenter on Sky Sports’ Soccer AM who experienced a heart attack at 36, explains how his symptoms didn’t seem serious to him at first:

“I had no idea that I was experiencing symptoms of a heart attack at the time. On the morning of the attack, I went home after playing football thinking I had indigestion – I just didn’t feel quite right and both of my arms started to feel numb.

“I managed to text my mum who called an ambulance and only when the paramedics arrived did I realise this was a heart attack.

“People need to be aware of the symptoms – it’s not a case of clutching your chest and falling to the ground – early signs aren’t always severe but if you experience any symptoms, call 999. Acting quickly saved my life.”

The new NHS campaign will also highlight to the public the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest.

A heart attack occurs when the supply of blood to the heart becomes blocked, which can starve it of oxygen potentially causing serious muscle damage. Whilst the early signs of a heart attack can vary, the most common include squeezing across the chest, sweating and a sense that something just isn’t right. The person will be conscious and breathing.

A cardiac arrest is different – it usually occurs suddenly and without warning with the person quickly losing consciousness. Their heart stops, they will have no pulse and sadly people experiencing a cardiac arrest will usually die within minutes if they do not receive treatment. A heart attack can lead to a cardiac arrest.

Professor Nick Linker, consultant cardiologist and NHS national clinical director for heart disease, said: “These survey findings present what is a familiar picture to NHS cardiology colleagues.

“Often people don’t realise they’re having a heart attack, either because they don’t recognise the early signs, or because they don’t consider them severe enough to trouble the NHS.

“But make no mistake, a heart attack is a medical emergency, and it’s never too early to call 999 and describe your symptoms.”

Shushila Naran Hirani, a 63-year-old retired shopkeeper from East London who has had a heart attack describes her experience: “I had some chest pain in the night but I ignored it and went to sleep. The next morning I had the same pain in my left arm.

“I did not realise I was having a heart attack, I thought the pain was linked to some heavy lifting I had been doing earlier that day.

“My advice to others with symptoms of a heart attack would be to call 999 straight away.”

Dr Charmaine Griffiths, chief executive of the British Heart Foundation, said: “Every minute counts when you’re having a heart attack – it’s a medical emergency, and immediate treatment could be the difference between life and death.

“It can be easy to dismiss early symptoms of a suspected heart attack, but don’t think twice about dialling 999. The NHS and our emergency services are there for everyone, and one quick call could save your life.”

May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week (from 10th May) we are focusing on Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme is nature and 5 pillars of Wellbeing.

Wellbeing Pillar: Take Notice. Here at Primary Health Darlington we are trying to be mindful of when our own stress levels begin to rise. When the signs appear we will be using the 60 Second Tranquiliser breathing technique from the International Stress Management Association to bring rapid relief and stop those overwhelming anxious, tense and worried feelings. See the links below:

60 second Tranquiliser:


NHS mindfulness:

Residents and Relatives

Resident and Family Leaflet

Care Home Resources

Care home staff can find further information for supporting residents with dental care and problems from the Oral Health Promotion Team either on their website or Facebook page.
The team offers excellent training and guidance to care home staff enabling them to support their residents with all aspects of dental care. 

GP Resources

My name is Rachel and I am the Health and Wellbeing Coach Lead within PHD.

I have 15 years of experience within the fitness industry, within this time I have been lucky enough to work with people 1:1, within a group exercise setting, with GP referral, in weight management, and within Cardiac rehabilitation.

I have also worked with specialised groups which included seat- based exercises. Outside of work I enjoy cycling, running, playing football, socialising, and being a Mum.

I’m Peter and I am really excited about my role as a health and well-being coach working for Primary Health Care Darlington.

I have a wealth of experience working in the health and fitness and sports therapy environment for over 25 years. My drive and passion are supporting and helping people reach their goals and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

My interests are Nordic walking, nature walks, football, and DIY, and I love spending time with my family.

I’m Rhys, Health and Wellbeing Coach at Primary Healthcare Darlington. I have previously worked in the health and wellbeing industry as a digital marketer turned group fitness coach and personal trainer for just over 3 years.

I have a passion for understanding, developing and maintaining healthy behaviour habits for both myself and others I work with which makes it a huge honour to be in this role.

In my spare time, I like to watch live music, learn to play the guitar, play football, listen to podcasts and spend quality time with family and friends.

Hi, my name is Caroline, Health and Wellbeing Coach, I am a single mother to three beautiful children.

I am currently studying a masters in psychology at Teesside University and I have previously completed roles with children and their families, particularly specialising in special educational needs.

My undergraduate course was in Early Childhood Studies. I have a passion to help people and work with them and their needs to have a bright future, their way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Health and Wellbeing Coach?

Health and wellbeing coaches support people to increase their ability to self-manage motivation levels and commitment to change their lifestyle. They are experts in behaviour change and focus on improving health related outcomes by working with people to set personalised goals and change their behaviours.

Who benefits from Health and Wellbeing Coaching?

Health & Wellbeing Coaches work with people with physical and/or mental health conditions and those at risk of developing them.

How can a Health & Wellbeing Coach support me?

We can support you with:

  1. Acquiring the knowledge, skills and tools you need to achieve your goals
  2. Signposting to relevant service when needed
  3. Managing your long-term health conditions
  4. Achieving the lifestyle changes you desire

Will I see the same person each time?

Yes, you will be assigned a Health and Wellbeing Coach who will work with you throughout.

Where will the appointment take place?

The choice is yours. We can meet at your GP surgery, at Forsyth House PHD – on Woodlands Road, at Age UK or another community space near you.

What can I expect from our sessions?

During the first session, your Health & Wellbeing Coach will find out more about you, your lifestyle, values, goals, and anything that might get in the way of achieving those goals. Together we will set one or two initial short-term goals. In the sessions that follow, we will review your progress, set new goals and discuss any challenges you have faced to help you overcome these in the future.

How often will we meet?

You will be offered 6-8 x 45-minute sessions over a period of 12-16 weeks

Do I have to pay for the service?

No, the service is FREE

Social prescribing is a way for local health and social care agencies to refer people to a link worker. Link Workers (or Social Prescribers) give people time to focus on ‘what matters to me’ and they take a holistic approach to people’s health and wellbeing. They connect people to community groups and statutory services for practical and emotional support.

Signposting plays an important role in social prescribing and may involve getting help to apply for a Blue Badge, an ARRIVA bus pass, a new walking stick or frame or information on dog walking service, mobile hairdressing, meal or food deliveries or care services. We also support people minimise the impact of complex, long-term conditions, or long-standing issues.  

Example 1: A physically frail client was helped to transition to Band 1 on the Council housing waiting list where they were offered a bungalow. We were also able to support the client to successfully apply for a free electric wheelchair.  

Example 2: We supported a client transition to long-term sick leave (and be awarded additional Welfare Benefits), so that he could concentrate on getting better. 

Example 3: A client with Agoraphobia was supported to leave her home and start walking her dog again. 

Example 4: We supported a client with food poverty to receive deliveries of food during Christmas and New Year.

Social prescribing works for a wide range of people, including people:

· with one or more long-term conditions 

· who need support with their mental health

· who are lonely or isolated 

· who have complex social needs which affect their wellbeing 

· who having caring responsibilities

If you would like to learn more about how social prescribing could help you, leave a voicemail on our team answerphone and someone will give you a call back: 01325 952577 choose option 2.


Information on all our Living Well Services can be found HERE

Short videos on social prescribing 

Social Prescribing: How it Works  


What social prescribing looks like for patients

The benefits of social prescribing  

Ideas for embedding social prescribing in the community 

Social Prescribing Stories


Ground Floor, Forsyth House, 20 Woodland Road, Darlington,DL3 7PL

Contact the SP Team

Private Medicals appointments area available on the last Friday morning of the month.

Patients can contact us for the next available 20 minute appointment. The private medicals are £125.00 and for those who need:

A Taxi Driver Medical examination for anybody looking to drive vehicles open to the public. 

A HGV Driver Medical examination for anybody looking to drive vehicles open to the public. 

Both of these are legal requirement and people must have passed an examination with a registered doctor.

You will also need a medical if you are:

Adopting or fostering – In some cases, your adoption agency will cover the cost of the fee, but in others you may be expected to pay.


Forsyth House, 20 Woodlands Road, Darlington,DL3 7PL


Please contact us on 01325 952278.

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Clinics are held on Wednesday evenings between 6.00pm and 9.00pm & alternate Sundays from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

Our fully qualified and trained nurses can advise on current travel advice and administer travel vaccines.  There are vaccines that are free on the NHS and some that are chargeable. Prices for chargeable vaccines are below.

Japanese Encephalitis £100.00 per dose

Tickborne Encephalitis £75.00 per dose

Rabies £58.00 per dose

Yellow Fever £65.00 per dose

Meningitis ACWY £65.00 per dose

Hepatitis B £32.00 per dose

Duplicate Yellow Fever certificate £15.00

Primary Healthcare Darlington is a registered Yellow Fever centre and have nurses trained to be able to administer Yellow Fever jabs.

To book an appointment please contact your GP practice.

PHD has a specially trained Nurse Practitioner who can give advice on all aspects of women’s health.

On alternate Thursday evenings and alternate Saturday afternoons, PHD provides a Women’s clinic. You can access advice about menopause, ring pessaries and non-contraceptive coil fits. 

The clinics are held from 4.30pm – 8.30pm on a Thursday and 1.00pm – 5.00pm on a Saturday.   

To book an appointment please contact your GP practice.

What do we do?

We are a team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who support general practice with medicines safety and ensure our patients get the most from their medication.

We are experts in medicines who help patients in a range of different ways, including making sure medications are safe, appropriate, and effective. We support patients in making informed decisions about their medicines, as well as support patients to care for and look after their own health.

We provide support to our GPs, nurses, pharmacists, other clinical staff, and reception teams; playing a central role in prescribing processes; medicines reconciliation post-discharge and on other transfers of care; liaising with our patients, carers, hospital and community pharmacies; responding to medication queries and updating medical records.

Richard Cheung

Hello, I’m Richard, the lead pharmacist for the pharmacy hub. I have been qualified since 2012, working in community pharmacy, hospital, and more recently in primary care. Where for the last 5 years, I have worked in. I have a passion for patient-centred care, focusing on the needs of the individual. Ensuring that patients’ preferences, needs, and values guide clinical decisions, and providing care that is respectful of and responsive to them. My other passion outside of work involves football and cooking for family and friends.

Sarah Rashad

Hi, I’m Sarah and I am a clinical pharmacist working within the team at the Pharmacy Hub. I qualified back in 2019 during the pandemic and have since worked within hospital and primary care. My role as a medicines expert is to ensure that our patients are on medications that are safe, effective, and appropriate for their individual needs. This usually involves working with additional healthcare professionals including GPs, nurses, consultants, community pharmacists etc to provide patient-centred care. My job satisfaction primarily comes from chatting with patients about the importance of taking their medications as prescribed, educating them on how their medications work, and answering their medication-related queries. Outside of work, I enjoy practicing my culinary skills and traveling.

Catherine Beck

Hi, I’m Catherine, a pharmacy technician for the Pharmacy Hub. I have 15 years of community pharmacy experience and 5 year of experience working in a GP surgery as a team Leader in reception. I’m excited to be part of the hub team and looking forward to progressing in the role. I’m a twin and married to a twin, I have two grown-up daughters, and love Christmas and cooking.

Caroline Brady


I am Caroline Brady, a Pharmacy technician working for the Pharmacy Discharge team at PHD. I started at PHD in August 2023, so I am still fairly new to this role, but I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge and the difference we are making to the people and surgeries in the Darlington area. I started my career as a pharmacy student at 16, which was a year or two ago now! I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and was looking for a job where I could continue to learn. Pharmacy was a good choice! My career has been quite diverse, I have worked in several hospital pharmacies, dispensing, making chemotherapy for cancer patients, and manufacturing patient-specific medicines, including in industry for a few years. However, I am really enjoying being back in a role where I have more interaction with care givers and patients. Outside of work, I love going to live events! Whether it is bands and festivals, theatre or sport. Nothing beats the atmosphere of a live crowd.

Lisa Duffy

Hi, I’m Lisa and I am a pharmacy technician for the Pharmacy Hub. I worked in community pharmacy for 22 years before I decided on a change in my career path last year and joined the team here at The Pharmacy Hub where I continue to focus on the best care for all of our patients needs. Other interests outside of work include planning and going on as many holidays as possible! and spending time and having fun with friends.

In partnership with Sugarcube, Primary Healthcare Darlington (PHD) are pleased to offer a full range of bespoke Occupational Health packages to help organisations keep their employees well at work, both physically and mentally.

Sugarcube are a friendly and professional Occupational Health service focussing on high quality outcomes enabling them to build lasting relationships with their clients.  Sugarcube, working in partnership with PHD, enables a gold standard level of healthcare and service from a centralised location close to Darlington town centre and Darlington Memorial Hospital.

If you would like to know more about the services Sugarcube can offer, please go to sugarcube.org.uk.  Alternatively see below for a brief outline of services.

To make enquiries or arrange an assessment please contact:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01325 952278

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Health Surveillance

We can advise on compliance with relevant health and safety legislation and best practice, in addition to providing statutory health surveillance including:

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVs) Assessments

as required by the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 – Tier 1 through to 4.

Hearing Conservation

Questionnaire and Audiogram (hearing test).  Carried out by Specialist Nurse Practitioner in accordance with the requirements of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

Respiratory Health Surveillance

Respiratory questionnaire and lung function test.  Carried out by Specialist Nurse Practitioner.  As required where workers are exposed to listed agents or hazardous substances under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH).

Health Surveillance Packages

Can be charged at a daily or half daily rate, whereby a bespoke package of health surveillance can be undertaken to meet the requirements of the organisation (Maximum of 7 medicals per full day).

Pre – Employment Questionnaire

Initial screening questionnaire of successful applicants to your company (including clarification phone call if needed).  A fit note will be issued to client, following assessment.

Pre – Employment Assessments

Following a job offer, Sugarcube Occupational Health can provide detailed assessments and advice on fitness/suitability for work and reasonable adjustments in accordance with relevant employment legislation such as the Equality Act 2010. Assessment carried out by Specialist Nurse.  Includes assessments identified as a requirement by organisations risk assessment.  General Health Questionnaire and drug test (additional cost) if required by organisation.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Random drug and alcohol testing can be carried out onsite using the 10-strip instant urinalysis.  Alcohol testing is carried out by a fully calibrated and in date Lion Alcometer.  All tests carried out using stringent chain of custody procedures.  Based on 2 hours onsite (max. 15 tests), drug tests are additional cost.

Case Management Referrals

Individuals can be referred to Sugarcube Occupational Health for advice on a range of health issues affecting work, including Sickness Absence.  Consultations will be carried out with a Specialist Nurse or an Occupational Health Physician.  A report detailing workplace advice will be provided to the referring manager within the scope of professional ethical boundaries.

Offshore Energy UK Medicals (OEUK, formerly OGUK)

Ill Health Retirement Applications

Formulation and Submission of ill Health early retirement applications under the appropriate pension scheme.

Sickness Absence Management/Management Concern

with Occupational Health Nurse or Physician (Telephone or Video Consultation).  Consultation and report by Specialist Occupational Health Nurse – Report returned within 24 hours (Unless prior sight requested by employee).